Laser process development​

Laser process development

Developing laser micromachining applications is not as straightforward as laser marking usually. Most of them takes time, from weeks to months, to come out the required results. Not only laser parameters, but also various beam shapes have to be optimized. 

Challenges for laser process development

  • Heat affected zone is unwanted, while processing heat sensitive materials 

  • Defects like crack or chipping is not allowed, while processing brittle or fragile materials

  • How to protect the workpiece from contamination of debris.

  • Multi-layer structure, machining part of layers but keep other layers intact

  • Productive machining speed

  • Reliable and reproducible process

Steps for laser process development

  • Feasibility study is the essential step to understand the unsolved problems and customer’s expectation.

  • Design of experiment(DOE)

  • Definition of process flow, including pre-process and post-process

  • Proposed configuration of the laser system & accessories

  • Discussion of testing result, in terms of quality, throughput and cost

E&R is happy to provide process development and small-scale production services.