• E&R SC-300

E&R SC-300

SC-200/300 全自動化設備,提供使者高repetition rate及ultra-short pulse的高進階創新雷射及光學鏡組技術,更能處理高階晶圓等級產品進行雷射加工。

SC-200/300 is a fully automatic laser machining system, which exploits the capability of high repetition rate & ultra-short pulse of the innovative laser & optic technologies to fulfill the requirements of advanced wafer-level package. 

  • Applications

    • Wafer grooving on dicing lanes, either from topside or backside

    • Thin wafer dicing

    • Wafer patterning, e.g. drilling, trenching, within the active area of the chip

  • Features

    • Laser machining speed up to 2000mm/sec

    • Minimized heat-affected zone, thanks to cold ablation technology

    • Adjustable kerf width & depth for wafer grooving

    • Robust die strength for thin wafer dicing

    • Capable of machining a variety of materials on dicing lanes, e.g. aluminum, copper, EMC, silicon, and so on.

    • Free-form machining capability, either cut-through or patterning

    • Automation, SECS/GEM, is optionally available.