FPC Equipment

  • 10 ton oil pressure punch machine
    Diameter of oil cylinderf100
    Output10995kgf, about 11TON
    Action pressure(max)13.7Mpa(140kgf/cm²)
    Action pressure13.0Mpa
    Range of the viscocity22~175mm2/S
    Working Temp.0~60°C
    Room Temp.0~35°C
    Oil TypeAW32
    Length of machine1500
    Width of machine 530
    Height of machine1650
    Working height1000
  • 100ton RTR Double side laminator
    Output (max):100ton (Max160㎏/ cm2) Efficient laminate area:500mm W x 280mm D Pressure:54 - 140㎏/ cm2 Heat tube: 18 heat tubes (9pcs on the top, 9pcs at button, each tube 300W Temp. (max):200℃ (normal working temp.: 120 - 170℃) Temp tolerance:+ / - 5℃ Pre-heat to 190℃:nee 75 minutes
  • 11ton /17ton single load servo punch machine

    Electric: 380V / 3f / 50Hz 16KVA

    Machine size: 1600mm(L) × 1000mm(W) × 2000mm(H)

    Working height:1000㎜

    Air pressure input: f12 × 5kg/cm²

    Air consumption:about 15 L/min

    Panel size:Max 250mm L × 250㎜W

    Efficient area:245mm L × 245mm W

  • 11ton/17ton twin load servo punch machine
    Electric: 380V / 3f / 50Hz 16KVA
    Machine size: 1300mm(L) × 1200mm(W) × 2000mm(H)
    Working height1000
    Air pressure input: f12 × 5kg/cm²
    Air consumptionabout 12 L/min
    Panel sizeMax 280mm L × 250W
    Fixture size300 mm L x 280 mm W
    Efficient area280mm L × 245mm W
  • LPF 25ton punch machine
    Panel width:250 mm。 Length of machine:3960㎜。 Width of machine: 930㎜。 Height of machine:1880㎜。 Working height:1020㎜。 Electric:380v/50hz/3hase。 Electric consumption:about 22 KVA。 Air compression:5~7㎏/cm²。 Air consumption:about 20 L/min。
  • Vacuum laminator
    Panel width:250 mm。 Length of machine:1200㎜。 Width of machine: 890㎜。 Height of machine:1550㎜。 Working height:1100㎜。 Electric:380v/50hz/3hase。 Electric consumption:about 33 KVA。 Air compression:3~5㎏/cm²。 Air consumption:about 20 L/min。
  • Dry film laminator
    Panel width:250 mm Dry film:T: over 15μm, dia. 200(Max.) Speed:normal 0.8~1m/min(Max.1.2m/min) Length of machine: 610㎜ Width of machine:1080㎜ Height:1585㎜ Working height:1020㎜ Electric:380v/50hz/3hase Electric consumption:about 6.6 KVA Air compression :5~7㎏/cm² Air consumption:about 11 L/min
  • Panel pre-laminator
    Input:220V,60HZ,1ψ。 Machine size:1500mm(L)×795mm(W)×1441mm(H) 。 Air pressure input:ψ12× 6kg/cm²。 Fixture size:314㎜×500㎜。 Gauge of pin hole:5㎜。 Efficient area:300mm× 480mm Stroke time:5sec。﹙w/o pre-laminate time﹚
  • Cutting machine
    Panel width:250 mm Panel dia.:200(Max) PET dia.:250(Max) Panel pulling range:100mm~500mm Speed :10~12sec/pcs Length of machine:1340㎜ Width of machine:1870㎜ Height of machine:1860㎜ Working height:1100㎜ Electric:380v/50hz/3hase Electric consumption:about 4.5 KVA Air compression:5~7㎏/cm² Air consumption:about 8 L/min
  • Stiffener bonder
    Panel size: Min(250mmx250mm),Max(500mmx500mm) Stiffener size: Reel Type :Min(5mmx5mm),Max(50mmx50mm) Single Type:Min(5mmx5mm),Max(60mmx60mm) Laminate time : 1sec Max temp. : room temp to 150℃ Machine size:1800Wx1800Hx2081L Electric:220v/50hz/3hase。 Electric consumption:about 15 KVA。(3phase 220V 50A) Air compresstion:5~7㎏/cm²。
  • RTR Double size pre-laminator
    Panel width:250 mm。 Length of machine: 950㎜。 Width of machine:2000㎜。 Height of machine:1520㎜。 Working height:1050㎜。 Electric:380v/50hz/3hase。 Electric consumption:about 8 KVA。 Air compression:5~7㎏/cm²。 Air consumption:about 8 L/min。