In Line Plasmax-602A

The Plasma is specially designed for uniform plasma cleaning of two lanes on BGA or lead-frame before wire-bonding or molding. The system consists of three units, loader and un-loader on both side and plasma chamber in center part respectively. The reactor chamber is of parallel plate design to perform uniform plasma clean on the three lanes.
In Line Plasmax-602A



SMT Flux clean GPP substrate clean, Fine-pitch BGA substrate clean, Modify Substrate, L/F, On Boat Flipchip   surface for Improving  Adhesion

Process Chamber



Inner Dimension

300 x 320 x 40 mm (W/D/H)

Process Handling

Auto Loading→Product Index to Chamber→Close Chamber to Suck Vacuity→Process Work→Vacuum
Purge→Product Push out→Unload

2 Magazines x 2 Tracks

Work Area


180~265 (L) x 40~80 (W) x 125~160 (H) mm


260 (L) x 33.5~75 (W) x 1.8 (T) mm

Electraode Configuration & Gas Flow

Gas flow system allows plasma generating uniformly across each strip of substrate

Contamination removes by strong exhaust to eliminate residues thoroughly

RF Generator



Power output

600W Max

Equipped with auto matching system to minimize reflected power

Vacuum System

E2M28 vacuum pump

Pumping Speed

10M3/hr at 1 mbar, 60Hz

Process pressure

0.01 ~ 0.6 torr

Vacuum gage

10-3 ~ 1 torr

Automatic venting by pneumatic controlled angle value


1250 (D) x 1850 (W) x 2100 (H) mm

Weight 650 KG


Emergency stop button shut off all power and gas flow

RF generator interlock

Chamber door closed detection

Safety glass inspection viewpoint

EMI prevention